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Who We Are

OZ-ARI prides itself with 26 years of experience in Construction and Real Estate Development. Our passion for building homes resonates in our professionalism, dedication and honesty with our clients. Our mission is to help you increase your income by maximizing your property potential and value.

Way to use ADU space

  • Rental unit

  • Home Office

  • Art or Music Studio

  • Gym Space

  • Guest House

  • Lodging for a nanny or caretaker

3 Reasons to build an ADU

  • Adds value to your home!​

  • It is a profitable and cheaper alternative to buying another home.

  • Helps generate a passive income and potentially reduce the payments on your existing mortgage.

Above the Garage
Garage Conversions
​Detached Unit 

ADUs Economic advantages 

Generate Rental Income!

Transform an existing garage into a cash generating rental unit. We will help you with the design and construction budget to make sure it is profitable for you. 


Easily Leverage the Equity of Your Home

There are many lenders who are able to provide an equity loan to finance your ADU project. You don’t need to use cash on hand and the rental income can cover the equity loan expenses. It’s a win-win situation!


Increase the Value of Your Home!

Increasing the square footage of you home increases the value of your property. Simple as that! Let’s say that your home is 1100 square feet and you adding a 400 square feet ADU. Before the ADU addition your home was worth a $880,000 ($800 per square feet) and after the addition your home is worth $1,200,000. Your total home square feet is now 1500 and the increase in value is 320,000. By converting the 400 s.f. garage into a 1BR for $120,000, we’ve just added $200,000 in equity!

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